-Teppan Yaki-
Teppan -literally "iron" - cooking is the heart of our cuisine. Cooked right at your table by our skilled chefs, the excitement of Teppan cooking makes dining at Japanese Kitchen memorable because it is a shared experience.
Your lunch begins with a delicate soup. Your chef prepares your fried rice, stirred vegetables and choice of steak, chicken or seafood.
1. Teppan Yaki
Chicken 10.95
Select cuts of chicken sauteed in butter and sesame seeds. Chicken our way.
  7. Sukiyaki Steak 11.95
Thinly sliced, tender USDA Choice Certified Angus New York steak Teppan cooked to seal in flavorful juices and prepared to your order
2. Chicken With Oriental Vegetables 12.95
A delicious medley of choice boneless chicken piled high with garden vegetables, smothered in our own tangy Oriental sauces and served sizzling hot.
  8. New York Steak 14.95
 USDA Choice Certified Angus New York cut, Teppan cooked to seal in flavorful juices and prepared to your order.
3. Teriyaki Chicken 11.95
Cuts of tender chicken prepared with our zesty house-made Teriyaki sauce, not like commercial Teriyaki sauce.
  9. New York Steak with Teriyaki Sauce 15.95
Our tender USDA Choice Certified Angus New York cut, Teppan cooked steaming hot with our own
house-made Teriyaki sauce, creating a zesty sensation.
4. Sukiyaki with Oriental Vegetables 12.95
Delicious thinly sliced  USDA Choice Certified Angus beef heaped with a tempting mixture of buttery sweet garden fresh vegetables.
  10. Filet Mignon 16.95
The top of the line. A melt-in-your mouth tender cut of Filet mignon, Teppan prepared to your order.
5. Teriyaki Chicken & Steak Combination 15.95
Delicious thinly sliced USDA Choice Certified Angus beef and tender chicken with our special house-made Teriyaki sauce.
  11. Filet Migon with Teriyaki Sauce 17.95
A tender cut of Filet Mignon, Teppan seared with delightful house-made Teriyaki sauce.
6. Seafood Combination 15.95
Tender buttery-sweet shrimp, scallops, calamari and imitation crab stick sauteed and served steaming hot with a splash of fresh lemon.
  12. Shrimp & Teriyaki Chicken 16.95
Shrimp and juicy chicken bursting with fresh sweet meat Teppan steaming hot. Tender and tasty.
13. Vegetable Delight 9.95
Select cut of Tofu with garden fresh vegetables

Please come in or call to check what the weekly special is. The weekly special will be $1 off regular menu price and also include a house salad.
Prices Subject to Change
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