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Japanese Kitchen Sushi Bar



The Japanese Kitchen Sushi Bar offers an elegant and quiet dining experience. With our expanded dining area we are able to offer selections from our new Robata Bar (Japanese charcoal grill), a full menu of traditional Japanese fare, sushi menu, and our famous teriyaki steaks and chicken.

Located in Uptown Albuquerque, the Japanese Kitchen Sushi Bar is situated next to the original Japanese Kitchen Steak House in Park Square.

We are excited to now offer Omakase. Omakase means the chef decides the menu, which is prepared according to strict and elaborate rules. The menu will highlight the best food the season has to offer. Omakase includes zensai (appetizers), suimono (soup), sushi or sashimi, yakimono (grilled food) or mushimono (steamed food) or mimono (simmered vegetables), agemono (deep fried food), sunomono (vinegared food) and kasha (desserts). Prices start from $30 per person with a two person minimum. Dinner only and please make reservations one day in advance.

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